I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again…..stay positive.

The past few weeks I have really noticed that people need an attitude adjustment. It is so easy to complain and b*tch. In this business it is easy to get caught up in 0ther peoples problems. You sit around a terminal and all your hear is people complaining about one thing or another. It always surprises me how people react. Now there are totally times that things suck and bad things happen. I’m not talking about those extremes. I’m talking about the trash talk just because. Yelling about your fleet manager taking a load from you, you have no idea why and within 5 minutes you find out they were late 90 minutes on  previous loads. It is a pain when you call in and have to be put on hold for what seems like hours. Make the best of it. The fleet managers, breakdown….. do their best and think about how many people are angry when they finally get through. Smile instead and you will be amazed at how it changes your mood, and theirs.

We always try to be positive! Breakdown sucks! We would rather be running but hey you take the good with the bad. I am ready to run right now. We have been in breakdown for 6 days now. The shop was backed up two days when we came in. Didn’t bother us since it gave us time to visit with the grandkids. By day 5 I am getting antsy but would rather be staying with our kids than sitting at the terminal. The air tank we have been waiting for should arrive this morning and we should be on our way this afternoon. Should is the key word but I am being positive that we will get out.

I hope everyone smiles today just because……..

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8 Responses to I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again…..stay positive.

  1. Hey Anne&Craig…Thanks for the positive thoughts. You guys are awesome. …..Rhonda&Ron : )

  2. Jim says:

    Do you get paid anything since your truck is broke?

  3. lupe says:

    Now that’s what I call reality, taking the good with the bad and keeping it all in perspective. Take care and keep smiling. L

  4. Rita Lilly says:

    I’d love to talk to you guys. If you’re willing to chat, please send an phone number to my email address: rita.lilly@tijat.com. Thanks and stay safe!

  5. Rita Lilly says:

    Have you guys ever thought about doing TV? I’d love to talk to you about it.

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