What a great week

One thing I have learned in life is that the things that really matter, the things that become the memories that define our lives, have nothing to do with financial success.  Spending a week with my oldest son, his wonderful wife and my two favorite (only) grand children, and getting to share it with my wife just made the week perfect. Yes we were broken down and it sucked we were not running but this week will carry me a long way.  One of the high points was spending a whole day with my oldest son trapped in the car with me running over to Charlotte NC to see my youngest son play football.  He is a very talented Quarterback and the next few years are going to be a blast to watch.  Better, however, is the wonderful man he has become.  It was just a scrimmage but I had not seen CJ in a couple of months and we got to have lunch and went out for ice cream and shopping after.  My oldest son and I are scary similar….or so our wives tell us.  If this is true, I really like me and I crack me up.  Is it narcissistic to think my son is brilliant if he is my clone?

Craig Jr, Jason and Craig at CJ's first scrimmage

We spent a bit of time shopping this week and got a new refrigerator with two doors and a separate freezer and we also bought a new 4″ Memory Foam mattress topper and the bed is now AWESOME.

We are back in the truck, have it all put back together and hanging out at the terminal until tomorrow morning.  Anne has to go to Safety at 8 AM.  I am sure it is for a random drug test.  We will be heading to Colorado for labor day and then to Seattle early October.

Very, VERY ready to roll

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1 Response to What a great week

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Actually, I don’t think you’re much like Jason at all, but you still have plenty of time to improve. As for being a narcissist, yeah, OK.

    Now that’s as serious as I get. On the lighter side, just keep on being the super human being that you are. I’m proud of you. Knowing that you’re my Son sort of puffs me up a bit. Love you. Dad

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