I really love this job.

Today is one of those days that I really love this job. Not that I don’t love it other days. Some days just more than others LOL. I had lunch with the daughter of one of my best friends. I’ve known this child since she was in Kindergarten and she is now a beautiful, talented, amazing 21 year old college student. The last four years she has been off at college and the last two I moved from LA so I haven’t had that many chances to see her. I usually get all the news via mom and sister and of course facebook. Today we were lucky enough to be able to have lunch at a great restaurant before we delivered our load. Then we find out we will have time to have dinner too!!!! I just love when good things happen. The last few times we have gone through has been in the middle of the night or when she’s been out of town.

This job really lets you keep in touch with family and friends. I wouldn’t have the chance to see all the people we are able to visit with and the places we get to stop at. Most of the time it is a truck stop but then you have those special times that you get away and visit with old friends and see beautiful sunsets on the beach. What other job enables you to do that. There are times that you are just running running running but then you get these gifts of down time.

Craig and I are truly blessed to have the most amazing family and friends and now we have an amazing job that lets us visit!!!

Pretty cool if I say so myself.

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