Felt a little like a stalker.

You always look forward to running into fellow trucker friends on the road. We have had the good fortune of meeting up with a bunch of friends all over the place. This is a story about the convenience of technology. A couple friends and I have the google tracker thing on our phones which enables us to see where they are and visa versa. We were driving through Ohio the other day and saw on my phone that Connie and Steve were just ahead of  us. We met Connie at orientation and have been friends since. We meet up anytime we can. So I call her and it goes to voice mail. I text her. No response. We decide to track them on the phone and pull into a parking lot and woo hoo. There they are. Steve sitting in the front seat and Connie bless her soul. Sound asleep. Needless to say we woke her up and got to ohhh and ahhh over their new truck. One of the cool things about this job but at the same time I was cracking up about stalking them. Usually it’s fun when we are heading the opposite way on the freeway and lets us stop and meet. Anyway I just thought it was a hoot. Do you think it’s a little creepy though??

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