What do you want to know?

What sort of stuff do you want to know. I usually just write what comes to mind but if there are things in particular you want to know….just ask and we will answer if we can. Hope everyone is having an awesome day!! We are heading to Pa from Dallas and it hasn’t stopped raining yet!

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6 Responses to What do you want to know?

  1. This comes late – I write this in January 2012 – and I hope you read it. I am a student and will hopefully be applying to USX in the near future. Unlike you two, I will be a solo driver and wonder if things have changed much since you wrote this a couple of months ago. What trucks are in use now? Are you or will you lease/purchase? Can you “take your truck home” for hometime, assuming you don’t take your hometime hither and yon? APU’s? Inverters? Good road and yard support? Would you do it again if you were given the keys to any company’s truck? Thanks for reading!

  2. Valerie says:

    Cool Thank you, I talked to Craig too, though the Truckers Report. I was just wondering if I need to work out a bit before doing this, I don’t have high blood pressure, but I get out of breath easy, 20+ years of sitting at a desk, lol. You guys have been very inspiring, even when most people would cry and whine you guys stay positive, I believe that is the most important thing you can do even when it is difficult to do. Keep up the great job and info.

  3. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    We love USX. We have had a really good experience. It isn’t always perfect but we find our attitude makes the difference. We work well with our Fleet Manager which is your life line to sanity in this business, We average 5300-5500 a week. We have done a few weeks of 6000+ miles but usually in the 5’s. We go through stages of eating out, then we get sick of the food and eat in the truck, and now we eat in the truck mostly and eat out occasionally. Crock pots are the bomb. We also have a Forman Grill, Quesadilla maker, Microwave, Hot plate…. Craig would say the most important kitchen appliance is the Kuerig coffee maker that we LOVE.
    If I remember correctly in orientation. You had to step up on a ladder, do the duck walk and then carry a crate with some weights in it across the room. I didn’t do well on that one. I didn’t understand I could have taken out 20 lbs but that is for dedicated. I was out of breath on that one so I didn’t pass for dedicated but passed to do OTR. It really isn’t that bad.
    We really have been very happy with our choice. It is difficult the first 6 months I won’t lie. Craig and I got in some doozie of some fights. You have to remember you are doing this together and you are a team.

  4. jb says:

    Sounds like the company is pretty flexible with your loads and trips. Do you do much cooking out of the truck, motels? Or do you buy restaurant and prepared food? P.S. I just passed all the school and DMV tests and should get licensed this week.

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      We have a great relationship with our Fleet Manager which in turn gives us a LOT of flexibility with our trips. We usually don’t care where we go as long as we get miles and its not home time. The good part is home time is anywhere we want to go. That to me is the greatest part of this job.
      We buy both prepared food and we cook in the truck. We do eat out because it gets old just eating in the truck but i also gets old eating out. I love the crock pot. When we are home for home time. Craig cooks up meat and we put it in the freezer. Then we use it as we need. It’s difficult to prepare food from scratch everyday. You don’t have anywhere to wash the dishes and that gets to be a pain. So we have some stuff done and then add what we need. I hope that helps.Congratulations and good luck !!!!!

  5. Valerie says:

    Hi my husband and I are going to be going to school in either Jan or Feb to obtain our CDL’s I have been reading your posts on Truckers Report. We are considering US Express, May, or Gordon. We live in OR. All of them tell me we will average 5000 miles a week, and will get home every 2-3 weeks. Did you have to pass an agility test? How do you eat, do you eat out or cook in the truck? Are you happy with US? I don’t even know what to ask really so any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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