Is that all you got?

So, last week kinda sucked but as I told Anne, we are still healthy, we have food in the truck and we are warm and dry.  Life could be a lot worse.  Specifically, we could be clueless and unemployed, protesting……something kinda vague….. on Wall Street.  🙂  If last week is our worst week driving a truck we will be very lucky.

So we had a wonderful weekend with My Son, Daughter-In-Law and the amazing Grand Kids.  We are back on Johnathan’s board and now sitting at our Terminal in Irving TX after a quick overnight run from Dalton GA.  While at Tunnel Hill, our friend Katie came up from Atlanta and she and Anne went shopping and we met the kids in Chattanooga for lunch at my favorite mexican restaurant.

We are trying to decide were to take Thanksgiving and Christmas which, other than the kids being scattered, is a great problem to have since we can go anywhere and they will will pay us to go there.  It looks like Thanksgiving with my family in Seattle and Christmas Day with Anne’s family in Los Angeles.  We will then try to get a load to Seattle for New Years.

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1 Response to Is that all you got?

  1. Al Leonard says:

    What a glorious life you have. The pictures are awesome, the kids are fantastic and I’m jealous that I can’t have the time with them that you enjoy.
    Your holidays plans are terrific. I can’t wait to see the 4 of you. God Bless, Dad Leonard

    P.S. Drive safely ( I have to add that for your Mom)

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