I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures.

We dropped our load in Goodyear AZ and are heading to San Diego to pick up one heading to Quincy MA. It’s going to be a great week!! On my phone I have google maps and one of the perks on there is Latitude. Friends of ours are on there and it enables us to see where they are. I think we did a post about it because I felt like a stalker. Well this trip I got to use it again. Wonda and Dudley are a team that we met months ago in California. The main reason we met was Misty a boston terrier who is a doll. The other was I was amazed at how awesome Wonda could back. We became friends and keep in touch so when we saw we were going to pass each other we made plans to meet. Worked out really well since we were both fueling in the same place about 30 minutes apart. The puppies got to play together and we got to catch up. Would have been even better if the restaurant at the Flying J had been open but we made it work. I love when you are able to have these sort of memories. Just another fun part of the job. Right now we are almost to our delivery and after driving the 8 feeling a little car sick. I was in the back. Good thing I’ll be driving out of here. Think this is the first time I’ve felt sick from a windy road. Should have kept the curtain closed entirely.

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1 Response to I can’t believe I forgot to take pictures.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Hey Wuss; If being car-sick is crummy, truck-sick must be really BAD, especially when you have to live in the thing. Take two aspirin and crawl in the bunk again. Love ya, Dad Leonard

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