It’s going to be a great week.

We have been running hard this week and it is paying off. We will end the week on Tuesday pushing 7000 miles. Can’t say I want to do that every week but with the holidays coming I will totally take it. I am sitting in Milford Ct writing this. Took showers and did some laundry. Craig is sleeping and I am bored LOL. Playing on the computer and waiting till 9 so I can head to Pa to pick up a load at 3 in the morning. We then head to Illinois and then head to California. We are running low on hours but since we keep our hours around 9 a day we can keep rolling which is awesome. (If you drive 9 hours a day. After the 8th day you will keep getting enough hours back to keep running.)

I am glad we have some down time for a few hours. This run from San Diego to Boston was rough. We first had to deadhead from Phoenix to San Diego. Then of course leave San Diego smack dab in rush hour traffic. Let’s just say it was a really long drive. Funny thing was we were able to see Dudley and Wonda again since they were driving the exact same route we had finished in Phoenix. Love that about this job. This was a rough drive from the start and then on the 40 in New Mexico we literally were parked on the freeway for hours. There was a BAD accident involving two semis. As we drove by the accident on the frontage road it made me cry. The destruction was amazing and not sure the second truck driver made it. I hope so but I’ve never seen anything like it. It really makes me more aware as a driver when I see things like that. When I’m tired I stop. Sometimes I wish I could drive one more hour but realize I need to be a safe driver and it’s just not worth it.  People are always in a hurry. Today is what pouring rain and drivers were flying by me and you could barely see out the window. That is just stupidity! Get there safe that is the only thing that matters. We had 3 major accidents in 3 different states: New Mexico, Indiana and Connecticut. That’s a first for us.

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3 Responses to It’s going to be a great week.

  1. Who is your dispatcher? We’d love to have them! We’re getting the miles but with every trip we have just enough time to get the load there. We can only stop for a quick bathroom break and sometimes food. It’s very stressful. There’s no time for laundry and showers only happen every few days! We’re on home time now and go back out Monday but we’ve decided we have to change our dispatcher.

  2. Jerry Barnett says:

    Thanks for the post. Are you guys driving 9 hours per 24 hour day each, or 9 hours per day between the two of you? I am thinking of being solo with my wife as rider. My training “flew” through the mandatory this and that of hours on duty not driving, driving, off duty, etc.
    Still haven’t decided whether long haul or local.

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