8264 miles

Ok we are on a major roll. This past week we did 8264 miles. Not quite sure how we are doing it but somehow we are. We are scrambling for time back but we are still able to roll. I am so ready for a day or so without doing anything. In the past two weeks we have run a total 16229 miles. We’ve had a couple extra days in there but still pretty impressive I think. What’s even better is Craig and I are still on speaking terms LOL. Christmas is right around the corner so I keep thinking the money will come in handy for sure.

The past two days have been pretty rough weather wise. We left LA and thought we were going to miss a storm in Colorado but we ended up hitting one in Utah. Major winds and heavy snow. We shut down for a bit but after watching the news decided we could get in front of it before it hit big time. Utah was super windy and lots of icy roads and then we got to 70 through Vail which was really good in some parts and crappy in others but nothing too bad. Was so happy to finally hit Nebraska which is sort of funny for you who know our history with Nebraska. We are 8 hours from our drop and it’s time for me to drop to sleep. Hoping tomorrow will be a slow day.

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