I have been slacking

LOL, ok, I have gotten a couple of messages asking if we are doing ok. I guess I need to post on here. We are doing great it is just hard to type in a moving truck (like now). I will get to work on a nice long post. Lots to tell, lots of miles, lots of new friends and hard to remember where we have been over the last month. We just had dinner with one daughter and her boyfriend in Fort Collins as we drove through on our way to Houston. My turn to drive, I will put up a post tomorrow when I finish my shift. REALLY looking forward to family time over Christmas and New Years

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1 Response to I have been slacking

  1. Norm says:

    I made it through Orientation Friday at Dalls, my unit #92801 2009 Casscadia wasn’t ready. It had no permits, plates, IFTA sticker was only on driver side, no Company markings on the passenger side, and the light lens and flairings were loose on passenger side. It kinda makes you think the truck was wreck and they chose to give it another chance. Anyway, I’m still at Dallas waiting on the windsheild devices, plates, and IFTA.

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