A very Blue (Skies) Christmas

Christmas in Southern California is a bit different.
So we have a couple of great days. We finally got out of Amarillo after about 20 hours. We woke up to over an inch of solid ice on everythng. By early afternoon the road crews and the sunshine had cleared the roads and we were off. We got into Riverside almost a full day late and the consignee told us the earliest they could unload us was Thursday at 17:00 (This was Wednesday morning) Or we could pay them $138 to have the trailer unloaded SOMETIME today. We called and got authorization to pay the $138 but when I went back in with the check the story had changed. Now no matter what, they would not unload us until the next day. Pretty bummed because as soon as this trailer is empty, Christmas vacation starts. I called in and our Customer Service Rep went to work. An hour later, “Go back and ask for Carlos, they will unload you right away” An hour after that the trailer is empty and I drive Anne to pick up the rental car. We drive up to Yucca Valley to spend the night at Anne’s mom’s house. A very nice evening. On the way up we get a call from our son Tyler, his car just died. After talking to him it was obvious to me it was the alternator. He was only a few blocks from home so we made plans to fix it on Friday morning. Thursday we drove down to spend the evening with my wonderful friends from high school, John and Mary Vande Bossche. It is so nice to spend time with them. Got up Friday morning and after more visiting time we headed up to the Valley to fix Tylers car. Went and saw his new apartment and then drove over to the car. OK, we have a bit of a problem. I cannot even get my hands in next to the alternator to work on it. He is on the street right in front of a repair shop so I walk in and ask the owner, a Japanese man named Julio (of course) He said he would charge me $100 labor plus the cost of the alternator and would do it today. DEAL. So now we have more time today so we head out for a sushi lunch and then off to Steve and Lupe’s for a couple of hours. We love these people and it is just so fun to spend a few hours with them. About 4:30 Julio calls and the car is ready. We drive Tyler over to pick it up and then we drive to Anne’s brothers home near Pasadena for Christmas. Now it really feels like Christmas. Lots of family, noise, music and great food. Going to be a couple of great days to top off a great week. We will be heading out Monday morning but only for a few days as we are spending New Years weekend in Seattle with my family. We kinda love our jobs.

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