One Year Ago Today

It is hard to believe that a year ago today we got on a Greyhound bus to Dallas Texas for orientation at US Xpress. We quickly realized that we would never travel by bus again but so began the adventure. Our lives have changed so much in 365 days. We survived an experience that I think a lot of couples would struggle with, living in 63 square feet. Our home is smaller than the average jail cell and there are times (not very often) that it kinda feels like one.

If you have not figured it out by now, we love our jobs.  The ability to provide for our family and help out our kids is a big part of that but also we get to see our loved ones and we have made some wonderful new friends.

We are in Snohomish Washington with my parents.  Two of my kids live here also and we had Christmas with my daughter yesterday and will have Christmas with my Son today.  Wish it could have been together but it worked out this way this year.  Had a marvelous time out to dinner with my parents New Years Eve and we kinda partied like old people as we watched 2012 come in on TV from our bed.  LOL.

We are going to be here a couple more days as there are a couple of major things wrong with the truck so it is going in the shop in the morning.  Kind of hard to believe how many people are following this blog so I want to say Happy New Years everyone.  If you are looking into team driving, please feel comfortable asking us any questions.  We would love to help.

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7 Responses to One Year Ago Today

  1. Cheers to next year being even better! 😀

  2. Joe says:

    Congrats on the First year and wish you many more!

  3. Hey guys wow i cant believe its been a year already. Nicole and i have been following you guys for 7 months on the truckers report. Looks like your bringing your truck to freightliner in pacific / algona. Yeah i can see it from my back deck. I start school for my CDL in 2 months and then nicole starts right after me. We have looked at SO many companys and when nicole started following you guys USX is the one we want. We have no clue what to expect or what. Anyways congrats on your one year with USX and hope to be team mates soon with you guys…

  4. Mike says:

    Happy New Year Anne & Craig,
    I hope this is a good sign. I leave for orientation tomorrow in Shippensburg. I’m hopping I have the same luck as you. Cool. So far 2012 looks good. Cheers to a good year.

  5. Michael says:

    Hi guys, I’m a neighbor (Lake Stevens) who has enjoyed your entire journey. I begin mine next Monday, headed for Check-Ride and then where the road takes me. Wishing you a very happy 2012 and keep the writing going.

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