Sweatin’ our way through the South

Well, not really sweating, but not really comfortable either. The air conditioning on the truck is out again. We could have put it in the shop at Freightliner in Colton California but we had the hours to make it across the country so we took a load to Orlando and we will take it to Freightliner there. It is Sunday afternoon and we are in Denham Springs LA. only 690 miles from Orlando and we have until noon on Tuesday to get there. So we decided to shut it down here and watch some football. Since we are both out of hours for today and we will not be pulling out until the morning it is also beer thirty.. I am sitting at the bar in Hooters next to the Pilot truck stop and Anne is next door getting her nails done. The A/C feels pretty darn good right now. We are having a great week and it is just one of those times we are really loving what we do. When we were in Colton a couple of days ago we saw Meaghan, who follows our blog was waiting in line to get her truck washed. They started emailing us months ago asking about teaming and USX and about two months ago we met her husband Sean at our Tunnel Hill terminal when he had just finished upgrading. Meaghan had already upgraded and was out running solo and was on her way to Tunnel Hill to pick Sean up. We then met her at a delivery we were making and she backed in next to us and recognized Anne. Sean was sleeping so we did not see him then. We finally all got together in Colton when Meaghan came over to us and asked if we wanted to join them for Sushi. We had a very nice time at dinner and another great friendship was born.

I am looking forward to a night in a hotel in Orlando with a hot tub. If we have time we may grab a car and run over to Tampa for my very favorite steakhouse in the Country. Berns Steakhouse. If that happens I promise there will be a full report here. Cannot wait for Anne to get back from the nail salon. I feel a great back scratch coming on.

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