TOTALLY sweating our way through the south…..

Okay when Craig wrote the earlier blog we were sitting in a restaurant with air conditioning. Can I tell you how hot it is at 6:40 pm. The temp in the  bunk just says an H. Which means it is too hot to measure. Last time I looked it was 86. My puppy is totally panting and I am TOTALLY miserable. My hair is sweating. It started raining and I was hoping it would cool down. NOT.  I cannot believe how hot it is and as soon as we drop the load we are heading straight to Freightliner and getting the AC fixed. I will be relaxing in an air conditioned room is all I have to say. We were really hoping we could slip by the south without it being too hot. It is cooler outside at the moment than inside and we have the fans blowing the cooler air in the tractor.

Okay enough bitching. NOT but there are a few things I did want to say.

I do love our job. Maybe not so much this very second but most of the time we love it. As Craig mentioned we went to dinner with Meaghan and Sean for sushi the other night. MY FAVORITE!! We really have made some cool friends at this job and being able to meet up on the road is a blast. I am looking forward to spending a couple days at home within the next couple weeks. Now don’t make fun of me but I have decided I really need to get rid of some stuff in the truck. I definitely have too much stuff as does my loving husband. So it is time to do a little cleaning out and leave the stuff at home.

What other exciting news can I share. Have I mentioned how HOT it is in my truck. Just want to make sure you all feel my pain. LOL

I hope that my next post will be WAY cooler than this one. 😉

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4 Responses to TOTALLY sweating our way through the south…..

  1. Anne Leonard says:

    Michael most of the stuff I am taking out is clothes and shoes. Everything else is staying. We really have the truck set up well for us but just running out of space.

    • Mike tripp says:

      I worked for usx and they were good up to 3yrs ago and just found out they fired everyone in colton this morning

      • Craig says:

        The Colton terminal has been a minimal outpost for quite a while. It is just outbound, trailer repair and truck washing. Been that way for months. Dispatch was moved out nearly a year ago and safety and orientation closed a while ago also

  2. garciamag says:

    Anne sounds like your definately no worse for the wear. Glad to see you’re well on on the road. But you’re comment that you hair is sweating was great. It’s interesting how Criag’s comments on the A/C was focused differently. Maybe it was the getting to enjoy the game.

    Anyway, I am about to finish school and would be intersted in what you and Craig end up ‘discarding’ after you reorg the truck. I plan to go OTR and USX is one of the top picks for me and my buddy. It might help to see what’s ‘important’ and what isn’t after your first year.

    I look forward to seeing both your posts and getting both perspectives of life on the road. Keep the updates coming and keep the rubber side down.


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