Breakdown in Florida

Well we will be spending another day in sunny Florida. Our truck is having an issue with the regen system. For those of you that have followed us since the beginning. The regen system has been the reason for MOST of our breakdowns. Hoping that they will get it fixed this time. The bad part is we have to spend another day in the hotel. Craig wants to take me shooting today since I have never been and there is a place right next to the hotel. I will let you know how it goes if we get there. Hoping to meet up with some friends later but still haven’t heard back yet.

We are at an interesting hotel. We asked what time was check out and were told 12. We then asked if we could have a late check out. They said absolutely. They gave us till 12:30. Woo hoo. I thought that was pretty funny. What we even funnier was the gentleman who EXPLAINED the reason thoroughly!!! Why they don ‘t extend the courtesy blah blah blah. Craig’s expression was HYSTERICAL!!!!!

I am going to post a couple pics from our fun filled day yesterday. We went to Margaritaville at City Walk in Orlando. Had a wonderful lunch and then crossed the sidewalk to a tiki bar and had a couple drinks with Nike the bartender. Her dad is an OTR driver. So we had a nice long conversation.

On our way out I spotted a photo booth and made Craig get in. We were laughing so hard and when we finished they showed a video of the whole thing. OH MY GOSH. We couldn’t stop laughing then. That would have been worth having a copy of.

So now off on whatever adventure we can find today.


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