Not So Fast!

We still have our truck. (Yea!!!) We went to the Orlando airport to pick up a Suburban to move all of our stuff up to Georgia where our new truck was waiting.  When we got back to the Freightliner dealer, the mechanic said “We figured it out, truck will be ready in an hour”  So we headed back to return the car.  Thank you Hertz for charging USX $200 for a two-hour rental.  It was so nice getting back into our truck and having air conditioning.

We headed empty up to Atlanta and picked up a load to Hawthorne California.  Nice run across the country and dropped Sunday morning.  Or next load did not pick up until Monday morning so we headed out to the Colton terminal.  Big mistake, it was a madhouse.  First quarter is always slow for freight, it does not affect us very much as we are on the reefer board but between the time of year and it being a Sunday, the Colton terminal was PACKED with trucks and drivers looking for a load.  We decided we did not want to hang out there so we headed over to Costco in San Bernardino, picked up a couple of things and had our In-N-Out burger fix.  Then headed to the TA Truckstop in Ontario. We had a very relaxing day mostly watching TV (something we hardly ever do) and reading.  Our pickup the next morning was in Huntington Beach and I pulled up Google maps and checked.  As suspected tight streets and no easy way in or out.  So I got up at 04:30 to get us there before traffic and people showed up.  I must say I am brilliant (and humble)  I am not sure how I would have backed into this place when cars are parked on the street.  We got loaded and headed out at 11:00 for our two stops, first in Mesquite Texas and then on to Atlanta Georgia.  The only thing of note on the trip was our first stop at the Pep Boys Distribution  Center.  We pulled up to the security gate, backed into dock 8 where the forklift driver already was waiting with the door open.  He pulled off the 5 pallets and we were back at the gate and out of there in 10 minutes flat.  This place was amazing.

So here we are on Thursday morning sitting in our Ellenwood GA (Atlanta) terminal getting ready to head out and pick up a load going to Salt Lake City.  Supposed to be home in Colorado this weekend but looking at the weather with blizzards in Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming forecast, I do not see it happening.  We may ask to go home the following weekend instead so we can spend time with the kids.  Katie came by last night (Anne’s friend from College and the two girls headed out to dinner and shopping while I got some much-needed sleep.  She then visited for a bit and it was sure great to see her.  One of the first things I noticed about Anne, other than how beautiful she is, were the friends she has.  Good people surround themselves with great friends.

We really want to get home, not only to see the kids but we have decided we have WAY to many clothes on this truck.  I use less than half of what I have on here and so does Anne.  We want the clutter out.  Can’t wait to get it done.  Hard to complain about weather since I have been in shorts and flip-flops for the last few weeks.

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  1. Jade says:

    You guys really paint a good, honest picture! It has been great following you two! My husband and I hope to meet you out on the road! I’m on a 21 hr bus ride to MD to meet up with my trainer! Keep havin fun!

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