Not Fun

So Anne just woke me up.  She was crying and shaking like a leaf;  In Western Nebraska in a bad storm and three trucks right in front of her just slid off the freeway.  It is the  ice and wind from the side.  She had to hit the brakes also and slid but did everything right and kept it straight.  We are about 80 miles from Cheyenne and I think we are going to limp into there and shut it down unless it gets better.

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4 Responses to Not Fun

  1. Great job keeping your rig on the road, Anne! Glad you are safe. That part of the country, this time of year, is pretty treacherous. Always take it slow in winter and always, always, always shut it down if you hit bad ice. No job is worth your life.

  2. Petra Webb says:

    Great job on keeping the truck on the road Anne! I bet that was scary as heck!

  3. Michael says:

    Glad you are both safe. Anne nice work on keeping the rig under control. Looks like your training paid off.

    Stay safe you two.

  4. RC says:


    Slow and steady and get off that road!

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