Map who needs a map.

I have had a rough couple days with trying to get out of certain cities and driving through others. I think I know where I am going but I end up listening to my rand mcnally who is NOT ALL KNOWING. I just seem to have the gremlin taking me the wrong direction and the wrong freeway and figure it out a little too late. New Jersey was a nightmare and I ended up on freeways I shouldn’t be on. Finally ended up on a side road. To the right was bridges that I couldn’t get under and on the left streets that were too small for my truck. I finally found a place to turn around and was trying to be polite when Craig says you just have to go. No one is going to let you in. By the time I made it to the freeway I should have been on an hour ago I was shaking. But made it without taking out any light poles or NJ drivers.

Then today I am mozing along the 70 on my way through Missouri/Kansas and somehow I missed my turn off. Now I had looked but didn’t realize that I had already passed my turn. My rand mcnally was taking me the shortest route which was not the way I was suppose to go. Of course my husband wakes up wants to know why I didn’t get off where I should. I am trying to explain it is the computers fault but the bottom line is I am the professional driver and I need to pay closer attention to certain cities.

I guess the moral of this story is I NEED A MAP. I can’t just assume the GPS is going to take me the correct way. Sometimes there is a gremlin living in it and he is NOT a nice gremlin. I can admit when I am wrong. I usually don’t have trouble but lately I am jinxed. I see a map in a lot of my future.

UGH is all I have to say in  a very disgusted voice!!!!!!!

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2 Responses to Map who needs a map.

  1. Will says:

    Never ever trust GPS in a truck, get a truckers atlas and write it down if you have to. You can also use this site:
    Trucking gps systems are unreliable and has put drivers in bad situations many times, if you read the fine print the gps maker assumes no lresponsibility for their product, that should tell you something.

    Good luck,

  2. We also have ‘fun’ with our Rand… Takes us past our exit just to route us across the freeway and come back, when there was a way across at the exit we wanted… And in LA it was trying to route us around when we just needed to stay on the freeway we were on… Sigh… It’s just a tool, but unfortunately we have to use common sense with it… And I don’t have much common sense sometimes LOL!

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