We need to buy a car for California

We are here so much we are actually talking about buying a cheap car to leave at the Colton terminal.  We are spending $150 to $200 a month for rental cars here so if we can find a deal we are going to do it I think.

The truck is back in the shop and because it is a warranty issue we had to take it back to the black hole called Freightliner of Fontana.  We dropped it off on Monday and it is now Thursday.  They have promised us the truck will be done today but confidence on that is pretty low.  We are supposed to be in Chattanooga for Easter and that is starting to look kinda tough.  Since we had the Secondary Air Tank replaced last month we have had an intermittent issue with the air compressor sometimes running continuously which means the overflow valve keeps spitting and driving us crazy.  The last week it would not shut off if the truck is running and then when we got to LA, it would hardly refill the tanks.  They say it is fixed and they are working on one other issue that needed parts.  (the radar for the adaptive cruise control)  Fingers crossed for today.

We have had a blast in LA this week.   We arrived on Sunday early morning and ran and got the rental cart so we could do some errands like get a new awesome mattress at Ikea for the truck.  Anne had Tyler (her son) come to the Terminal and they drove up to Yucca Valley to visit her mom while I made our delivery late that night.  I then made another delivery on Monday morning for a team that was trying to start their home time.  I ran the truck over to Freightliner and took a nap until Anne and Tyler got there and picked me up.  We checked into the hotel and then went to Benihana’s for Tyler’s birthday dinner.  Happy hour n the bar was pretty epic.  Friends of ours who also drive for USX and were staying in the same hotel joined us for dinner…….eventually.  Anne had made plans to meet for dinner at 7:30.  She dropped me at the bar to watch the NCAA finals while she went clothes shopping for Tyler.  She then joined me at about 7:00 and I kept checking the lobby for Jeff and Melissa.  At almost 8:00 I finally convinced Anne to call them and they were waiting in the Hotel lobby for us as they did not have a car (something my lovely wife had discussed with Melissa earlier)  I quickly ran and got them and dinner was wonderful.

The next morning all five of us ran over to our favorite breakfast spot.  The Rodeo Cafe in Mira Loma.  Seriously scary looking from the outside and awesome on the inside.  The  first time I took Anne there we pulled up and she said “There is no way I am going into that place”  Obviously she followed me in and was shocked.  We have learned to buy one breakfast here and split it.  The food is off the hook.  We spent the rest of the day shopping and eating and drinking and Tyler had to go home to work on homework.

On Wednesday we called my sister Lisa who joined us at another of my favorite restaurants, Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen in Orange CA.  LOVE this place and luck was perfect.  My sister has recently started a very cool theater company in Hermosa Beach and they are working on their second and third productions so lots of fun news.  You can check them out on Facebook


If you would all “Like” that page my sister will owe me big-time which is always useful around Christmas.

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5 Responses to We need to buy a car for California

  1. Craig says:

    Our truck is 22075. Truck is almost done. Would be happy to show you the truck if we meet up. Trying to get a preassign set up now. They cannot send it to us while the truck is in shop status but seeing if we can get it set.

  2. Chelo says:

    Craig and Anne:

    I’ve been following you since you were in school. I just wanted to comment on your thoughts of buying a car in California. I actually got rid of my car when I drove and found it cheaper to use a rental car because of the following:

    * Smog check (only runs $35 or so as long as you don’t need repairs)
    * Registration (depending on car in LA County can run $200-300)
    * Insurance (even if you only get comp/collision, you’re looking at maybe $90/mo)

    It’s kind of a toss-up, I know, but my calculations had it cheaper to rent a car than own one.

  3. Al Leonard says:

    I am lovin’ your life. Love your wife, too, but you saw her first. I can’t get over what a terrific pair you make and how (almost) every day is a series of great adventures. I loved my life until I got a good look at yours. Now I’m jealous. Please stop writing. Love you bunches. Dad

    P.S. I bless the time you spend with Lisa. What a kick.

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      We are loving our life too and we love you to bits. I have to say I lucked out marrying Craig. I got you as a father in law.

  4. RC says:

    Liked! 😉

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