Good and the bad.

We have spent a wonderful few days in Snohomish with Craig’s family and friends. Went to a Mariners game (unfortunately they lost), birthday dinner with Craig’s best friend Scott and his family, lots of eating out. We found Craig’s new favorite ice cream in the world. Salted Caramel. Little place on First street. Coolest area. Looks like any little town in the country and it is bustling. Snohomish is known for antiques. The one thing I’m not into LOL.

We finally got permission from breakdown to get our truck in for the AC repairs. Thought we were out today but they just found another leak and the part won’t be in till tomorrow. Really frustrating because if they had given permission the first day we would be out and running. BUT at least it is getting fixed and now we just have to change some plans we had.

The other good part of the delay was my phone. My phone was damaged and they sent me a new one. That one didn’t work so they were suppose to overnight me a new one. They didn’t and after spending some time with customer service my husband got them to agree to let me pick one up in the store. Love my new phone. 4G and all the bells and whistles.

Now we just sit and wait for the truck to be ready. We are both a little antsy but things could be a whole lot worse. I’ll just be happy when we are back running hard. I miss being on the road. As much fun as it is to be home. After a few days you want to get moving.

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