My husband told me to stop whining. WTH. I still love him.

Actually I was venting with a girlfriend and Craig overheard. I am allowed to b*tch on occasion. I am one of the most positive people I know but there are those times you just need to vent and poof you feel better. I am not sure men understand that. All my women friends totally get it.

The first day out in the truck after being home is hard. You have to get back in the groove and sometimes you want to act like a three year old. It wasn’t a huge issue. Just dealing with load assignments that had us sitting for a day and a half. That gets frustrating when you have been on hometime and then 3 extra days of breakdown. You just want to run. Then when you call you get the FM that is just an idiot. I am sorry to say but there are those FM’s that you wonder if they have a brain.

So here we sit in Salinas California waiting to be loaded and then we get to run to Annapolis MD. 2800 on top of the 867 we got for running down here from Washington. It will be a great paycheck in a couple weeks. Next week is going to be painful. No miles and 3 days of breakdown. We are planning to stay out till July 4 so hopefully we can get in a good routine and get some good miles!!!

It is a gorgeous day in Cali, we have air conditioning and my best friend is with me. Life is looking pretty darn good.

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