Homeward Bound!!

Well, we have had a good but frustrating week.  Our load to Monroe GA took forever to get loaded and was scheduled for a Tuesday delivery.  There was no time set however and we were going to be there by Monday afternoon.  Around 23;00 Sunday I sent a message asking for a Monday evening delivery.  I was told that Walmart only does AM deliveries so it would have to be Tuesday and someone would get it set up on Monday afternoon.  We got to Atlanta and called Anne’s awesome friend Katie and she picked us up at the Petro and we went out to dinner.  I got a message that the delivery would be between 03:30 and 07:00 in the morning so I took a nap and got up at 01:00  to drive the 65 miles to Monroe.  Got there and still no appointment so I sent another message and waited……and waited.  at 09:00 we got a message that our delivery was set for WEDNESDAY morning at 03:15.  There was nothing around here so we were just stuck at this crappy little truck stop.  Katie, being Katie came out and took us to lunch at a cool little italian place in downtown Monroe.  Neat little town.  Anne and Katie then went to a movie while I slept since I would be driving overnight.

Checked in at the Walmart DC at 02:30, dropped our trailer at the loading dock and waited…..and waited.  Four and a half hours later they were finally done.  We then drove empty all the way  to Memphis TN where we swapped trailers with a local driver who had done our live load at GlaxoSmithKlien (very nice deal for us) and we were off to Fresno.  We just got unloaded and we are heading over to our Stockton yard to drop our reefer trailer and get a dry van trailer, we are then off to Walmart in Loveland Colorado (Home).

I am looking forward to getting very acquainted with a new grill in the backyard and it is going to be a great week with our two youngest kids.

It is party time, battalion style.

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