Fun at Home

So, we had a great drive down the California Coast on the 101.  Made me realize how much we need some beach time.  We made it to Baltimore and had extra time until our delivery so Anne’s great friend Katie from boarding school came and picked us up and we went to one of my favorite seafood places (Nick’s Fish House in Baltimore) where Anne finally got her crab feast.  Beautiful day on the bay and a great time.  I had somehow got bitten on the finger by what we strongly suspect was a brown recluse spider so we decided I needed to see a doctor.  On our way to California we finally found an urgent care center in Joplin Missouri where we could park nearby.  It was very painful and the doctor said that if I had waited another day, I may have lost the finger.  A tetnus shot, two shots in the rear and two different oral antibiotics and we were on our way.  We got to our terminal in Colton CA and had all day to wait for our delivery so I went to another doctor to check and he said that the first doctor had done the right thing and I was good to go.  Got the truck washed and made our delivery and it was time to head for home with a delivery at the Walmart DC in Loveland.  As usual, we got home right on time.  This is not usual in trucking, our Fleet Manager works very hard to make this happen.

We are having such a great time at home.  We are spending time with the kids and with friends.  Kathi and Ken, a couple we met a bit over a year ago while waiting for a load at the Edwardsville KS FedEx, broke down in Cheyenne and so we invited them down to spend the day with us in Fort Collins.  We had a blast and they came back on the Fourth to have a picnic and watch the fireworks with us.  We also took our two youngest out for an awesome seafood dinner.  My son went to town, he ate his whole lobster, one of my king crab legs, one of Anne’s king crab legs and half of Shelby’s scallops.  Needless to say, no leftovers.  Gotta love a hungry football player.  We also headed up to storage and got our old home movies at CJ’s request and had an awesome dinner cooked by Lizzy, his girlfriend while we watched CJ’s greatest hits as a little boy.  A lot of fun.

We have been stuck an extra day as there was not a load to get us out of here yesterday so we sure got a ton done.  It was a great week off and we are completly recharged and ready to roll.

Here are a few pictures from this week.

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  1. Ogden Miller says:

    Great looking food! You all look pretty good too.

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