My new favorite city.

We went to Memphis to pick up our next load which wasn’t until 1:30 am. It was 10 in the morning. Craig and I jumped into a very expensive taxi. Went to one of Craig’s favorite restaurants, Rendevous. Amazing BBQ place. We then walked over to Beale street and sat at an outside joint and listened to some blues. Awesome music and just had a great day. We walked over to the Peabody. They have ducks that live in the fountain in the lobby. They are escorted down at 11 in the morning and back up at 5. I now have a duck charm for my bracelet. We went back to listen to some more music and then grabbed a cab back to the truck.

It’s days like this that I LOVE THIS JOB! I want to spend some time in Memphis one of these days. It had been years since I’d been there and it is a freaking fun town. Try to talk Bandit and Sandi into taking a few days there 🙂

We are now heading to Michigan. We picked up in Memphis to head to Phoenix. That was changed to Cali and then we did a repower in Albuquerque and now we are heading north. We need the miles so I’m not complaining. Our miles have dropped a bit and hoping its a temporary thing. We did get to spend a week home though so I’m not going to complain yet LOL.

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1 Response to My new favorite city.

  1. Al Leonard says:

    Haven’t been to Memphis for a bunch of years and never took the time to hang out there the way you people do. You have a way of finding the greatest part of everyplace – – guided, of course, by Craig’s dedidcated search for great places to eat. That makes quite a tour map. Love you.
    Dad Leonard

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