We have been moving since the last post.  Still sitting a bit too much between loads.  I contacted the person in charge of the reefer fleets (love her) and she told us she had been on vacation and she was working on getting our miles back up.  She is a very A type personality and she gets stuff done.  Already have seen an improvement.  That being said, one of the things that makes this job nice is taking advantage of the down time.   We had a run from Louisville KY to Reno NV.  They gave us the load a day late so there was no way to  make the delivery time of 07:30 yesterday.  We pushed hard to get there anyway hoping we could deliver in the afternoon…..nope, only take deliveries in the morning so we went to the TA truck stop in Reno which is right next door to an awesome casino, Western Village.  We spent the evening there and I introduced Anne to video poker.  We are not big gamblers but Anne came out ahead on poker and I came out ahead playing blackjack.  That is a definite win.

The food choices at this place were stellar….and cheap.  Anne had a massive seafood salad and I had a 16oz Rib Eye, both spectacular and only $36 total.

We are heading over Donner Pass this morning on a glorious day without a cloud in the sky.  Picking up an empty reefer trailer in West Sacramento and then we suspect (they have not told us yet) we will be heading to the coast to pick up a load of strawberries going East.

We will be going to Seattle in six days for five days off with family and friends.  Really looking forward to showing Anne the San Juan Islands.

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