Sort of like New Years resolutions.

I have good intentions about writing more often but by the time I finish driving I am usually too tired. I am going to try to write every few days so I can keep the posts short and not forget what has happened.

We ended up leaving our lovely Wal Mart and headed to Phoenix. We then had a few different loads that all cancelled but ended up driving to Calexico, CA. I can tell you, there isn’t much there. Pulled up to the shipper and found out there was no load. Drove around the corner and parked and waited, waited, and waited some more. Finally our night FM told me to head to a parking spot, the closest one was 50 miles away in Yuma. I headed out and let me just tell you. There is NOT a lot to Yuma. I realize there must be something fabulous about it but not that I could see. First off it was 120 degrees and I couldn’t walk the puppies. So we sat in Yuma for the night and finally the next day got a load. Surprise we headed from Yuma to Compton CA. These few days were frustrating to say the least but we are so lucky that this is not a common occurence. Deep breaths and we are off and running.

We should have known this trip wasn’t going to go smoothly. The shipper in CA was pretty bitchy. Craig asked for the Atlanta load and she handed the paper work. It was a preloaded trailer. While looking at the paperwork it didn’t have the Atlanta address. But it was going to another shipping company and the shipper had said this was the Atlanta load.  We head out and somewhere in Arizona the messages start coming across the driver tech. She gave us the wrong load. This load is going to PA. We get the new route and head to PA. Note to self if you have any doubts. ASK??

We are still heading to PA where we will drop in a few hours. We just stopped in Springfield Ohio and had dinner with Connie and Steve. Fellow drivers who we haven’t seen in ages. Love being able to do that.

Oh and the good news of the past few days. While driving to Calexico I was pulled into a CA Weigh Station and had a full level one inspection. For those of you that don’t know what that means. I was the lucky one that was pulled in and a DOT inspector went over my truck and trailer. Over, under and through. I was scared I will say. I’ve never been pulled in for that before. The good news is I passed which is a really good thing. So even though it was a bad few days. I came out ahead. We will drop this load and then see where we head to next.

Most likely California LOL

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6 Responses to Sort of like New Years resolutions.

  1. STap says:

    Just curious, when you had to stay over night, did USX let you run the truck so you could sleep with air conditioning or did you have to sweat it out?

    • Craig says:

      We can idle the truck. The trucks will idle till you run out of fuel if the outside temps are above 70 or below 29 degrees. In cold weather the trucks have a bunk heater, like a furnace.

  2. Ogden Miller says:

    I don’t know how you both keep your tempers at times! I thought your company was very efficient in keeping you instructed? We hope that you get paid for all those miles added on.

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      Hey FD, We have found that getting mad doesn’t really help. I am usually the one who gets a little riled and then Craig will make me laugh about how silly I am being. You take the good with the bad and luckily we usually don’t have these issues. This year hasn’t gone exactly the way we thought but hey we have jobs and love what we do. They are really good about paying us but sometimes you do have to remind them. But if the truck isn’t moving we don’t get paid. Hope you and JC are doing great!!! Hope she had a wonderful bday!! Love FD

    • Craig says:

      It turns out that all I have to do to keep Anne happy is admit I was wrong. We do get paid for every mile we drive.

  3. Dad says:

    Now THAT was a couple of crummy days. I feel sorry for you darlin, and the guy you’re riding with. Roger on Yuma. I’ve been there. Now that you’re rollin’ again I hope the next few days are great enough to make up for the last ones. Love ya

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