California here we come.

We are almost to Phoenix where we drop this load and we pick up our next load tomorrow night in Colton, Ca. We are planning on getting there as quick as possible and my son Tyler is going to come down and spend the night with us. At a hotel, not in the truck. That would be a little too cozy. Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out since we haven’t seen him in 3 months. Usually we stay in the truck but I think both Craig and I are ready to get out of it even if its just a night. We then will be heading to Ga and then we will need to do a reset since we will be out of hours.

I can’t wait until we can choose where we go and when. That will definitely be a plus. We have to have our own truck to do that but hopefully next year we will be ready to do it.

We met up with some friends yesterday in Sayre, Ok. Randy and Irene. Craig has been in touch with them for awhile but we never met so it was really cool to be able to meet up in person. The little things with this job make it really fun. Meeting up with friends and family. Stopping in hole in the wall places that you would never know about. It’s all a big adventure. We luckily have been running pretty well since leaving Yuma. My least favorite place in the country.

I really hope today works out like I want it too!!!

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8 Responses to California here we come.

  1. jonp says:

    The per diem has it’s good and bad points. It does decrease your reportable wages, however I found that when applying for a mortgage I just had to explain what was going on and show both check stubs (pay and per diem) and there was no problem. Also, I got an accountant to do my taxes a few years ago and although you get the per diem you also are allowed to take the standard allowance of $59 and deduct the per diem amount per day and use that figure. I’m not sure about this but thats what he said so I went with it. Finally, the decrease in your pay will decrease your basis for Social Security as the reportable wages for this will be much smaller. However, that assumes SS will be there in the future and I don’t think there is much chance of that. I took the per diem amount and opened an IRA and put it directly into that until that was maxed out and put the rest into saving.

  2. Jon says:

    “a hole” as in YUCH!!!!!

  3. Jon says:

    I ran out of Phoenix for a few years with Swift and thought Yuma was…a hole. Not much of a better way to put that.

  4. STap says:

    Not sure if my last reply stuck… Just wondering if when you were stuck in Yuma did they let you run the truck over night to sleep with te air on or did you have to sweat it put?

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      No we run the truck. There is no way you could sit in Yuma without air conditioning. 120 is a little too hot. We run the truck when it is uncomfortable and open the windows when it is nice outside. We have screens that fit in the window to keep the bugs out.

      • Steph says:

        Question… Did you take the per diem?? I’m worried about that when I go to get a mortgage or my social security. Steph Sent from my iPhone

        • Craig says:

          Never take the per diem. The IRS allows you $59 a day for expenses when you do your takes. You lose this if you take the per diem and the company will also reduce your pay per mile. In other words, you pay for the discount.

          • STap says:

            I had heard some companies are ‘encouraging’ new drivers to take the per diem. So much so that they may not hire you if you don’t take it. But it’s nice to see that USX doesn’t appear to be that way. Thanks!!

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