Definitely not long enough….. but I’ll take it any day.

We made it to Ontario, Ca. A little late but that’s ok. We had Tyler check into the hotel early so he could beat traffic and then he came and picked us up the TA (truck stop in Ontario) We all were starving so we headed out to find some food. Not so easy on a Monday night at 9 pm. We finally ended up at BJ’s and had a really nice dinner. Woke this morning, a little later than usual and checked out. Took the dogs and our stuff to the truck and then hit this amazing sushi restaurant. Revolving sushi and it is our new favorite. Lunch was perfect and then we hit Sam’s Club. Mostly ended up getting stuff for Tyler. My son has good shopping habits. Fish, peppers, chicken…. I thought he’d get ready made stuff. Craig and I were laughing at how different all the kids are. I am so happy we got to spend some time together but it wasn’t enough.

We are now  picking  up a load and heading to Monroe Ga. Hoping to meet up with one of Craig’s oldest friends from high school and hopefully Katie too. This is not one of our favorite places to deliver. Last time we sat but actually I’m not going to complain cuz that turned out to be a lot of fun!!

My son has decided it would be so cool to travel with us and film what it is like out here.  At least for a week. Hoping when we get our own truck he will be able to do it.

It has been an interesting month to say the least. We have seen a big part of our families. Totally love that part of this job. Now we have to work on seeing the rest!!



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