Way too much stuff.

We are home for the holiday weekend. Yesterday we went to the Colorado State University game down at Mile High stadium. Cj’s first college game. He is red shirting this year. We had a blast!! Shelby and Lizzie (CJ’s girlfriend) Craig and I. It was an awesome game. CSU won. Shelby got a taste of what it is like to go to a college with a football team. Brought back memories of Tulane LSU games for me LOL.

Today I am cleaning the truck out. Getting rid of stuff we don’t use or stuff we don’t need. It is amazing how much stuff I use to think I HAD TO HAVE. Seriously you can get by with way less. Every time we come home I take out more things. Usually things I thought we would use but have never ended up using. I keep thinking but when we need it. But that doesn’t happen. So it is cleaning day. We rearranged….again. I am sure Craig will post some pictures when we get it all done.

It is so nice when you get the truck all clean and everything in its spot. I know Craig, at times. would like to push me off the truck with all the times I change things around. But he is a good sport about it. When you live in such a small space it  is nice to have it user friendly. It’s sort of like when you rearrange your house. We are rearranging the truck.

My motto of the day is less is more, at least when you live in a truck.

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1 Response to Way too much stuff.

  1. Dad says:

    Would love to have been at that game with you. In fact I wish I could be spending the whole holiday with you. Things quiet around here. Perhaps a good thing? Dad Leonard

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