Sweet Home Wisconsin

This week anyway.  We are at my sisters in Oshkosh for my Niece’s wedding.  Love family time…..also love getting away from family time, lol.

We got to Chicago Tuesday afternoon on a load of Campbells Soup to Kenosha Wisconsin that did not deliver until Wednesday at 2 AM.   Our Fleet Manager sent us a message that after we made our delivery, to take our empty trailer to Milwaukee.  Since we were not scheduled to be in Oshkosh until Thursday evening we asked “are you sending us to home time early?”  Response “not unless you want to come back out early”  Since we were going to wedding, that was not possible.  She told us we would just run local deliveries in Chicago for a couple of days.  Not a fun plan.  Then my phone rang with another Fleet Manager saying he had a solo driver heading East in Wisconsin who was almost out of time and could we swap loads with him, he would make our Kenosha delivery and we would take his load to New Jersey.  YES!  This is about 900 miles each way so a day there and a day back puts us to Thursday for home time.

Torrential downpours through Ohio and Pennsylvania so driving was fun.  it turns out there was an extra stop on this run in Camp Hill PA (the FM left that tidbit of info out) so I got us there and then Anne took over.  This means Anne ends up driving in New Jersey….this is not going to be good.  She has problems driving in New Jersey.

Only two miles from the Consignee, Anne wakes me up and says “I made a wrong turn, I need to back up.  Can you get out and stop traffic?”  This was not said calmly 🙂  I get up and start putting on my shoes.  She had missed a turn and we are on a “NO TRUCKS” road and she needs to back up in rush hour traffic back into the intersection so we can turn left.  Before I can get ready a guy comes running out from a gas station and tells Anne he will stop traffic so she can back.  Awesome people are everywhere.

Five hours to get unloaded, this was a cross dock load that had to be sorted by the guy unloading to go to about 30 different destinations.  We finally got out of there and ran about 30 miles to grab a preloaded trailer heading back to Chicago.  Lots of time so we made a lazy run back, slept for a few hours in the last rest area in Indiana and made our 7 AM delivery.  Went to the terminal and hung for a couple of hours then got sent to the rail yard to pick up a load going to Tomah WI.  That got us to within a 100 miles of Oshkosh and we ran empty to the wedding.

What a great time with my huge, crazy, dysfunctional family.  (I have learned that every family is dysfunctional)  We are here until Tuesday morning so it is party time at Lambeau South (my sisters driveway)   Tailgating for the Packers – Seahawks game on Monday night.  Go SEAHAWKS!!!

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