Chivalry is alive and well.

I have been thinking about this blog for awhile. I keep meaning to write and then next thing I know it’s my turn to drive…again. When you have two people driving that happens a lot LOL. There are so many things in trucking that in my mind are “men’s” responsibilities. I know that’s not fair  but I am being truthful about how I feel. Doesn’t make it wrong or right but it is the way I think/feel. Sometimes it works out in my favor and sometimes it doesn’t. If I am truthful I will totally admit that my husband definitely mans up in this area. Most of the time. Giggle.

I can’t count how many times I have had to come to the cab and ask for his help. Either because it is something mechanical (which I am not) or just don’t have the strength to do something. I will NEVER put snow chains on and I am not able to put the load bars on. For some reason they don’t like me. There are times I get “THE LOOK” and wish I was able to do it just so I could stick my tongue out behind his back. Remember the part about it not necessarily being right. 😉 He always gets out and gives me a hand. There was one time I refused to ask for his help. I had two other drivers helping me at a fed ex and he was so cute when he found out. Why didn’t you wake me. That pretty much explains my husband. Always there for me.

Last week we had a delivery in New Jersey. I think Craig posted some picture of me looking like I had gone for a swim. I was driving so I had to unhook, and rehook the trailer in the pouring rain. Plus run into the shipping office….. I was a drowned rat to say the least. The final hook up Craig offers to do it. I didn’t let him since I was already wet and made no sense for him to get wet too. But he offered and totally meant it.

This is a team effort but a lot more falls on his shoulders since he is the man. May not be fair but it is the way it is and he accepts it. He always has my back and it is nice to know I’m not out here alone. He is the man who waits for me after finishing his shower so I don’t have to walk back to the truck by myself. I take way longer than he does. He usually does the fueling if he is awake and does  all the HARD work. I do make the bed though which does give me a ton of extra points. But the man holds my hand everywhere we go, holds doors open and always opens my truck door regardless of if I am driving or not. It might be a little thing but it makes me feel like a woman. It also makes me feel loved and taken care of. It’s a rough road out here. But doing it with your best friend makes everyday a joy and I am truly blessed to have Craig in my life.

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2 Responses to Chivalry is alive and well.

  1. Connie McKenna says:

    You are truly blessed! And I know EXACTLY how you feel!

    • Dad says:

      Now that was SO darned sweet. My son is just showing you how great he thinks you are in just a bunch of ways. That’s a team. Dad Leonard

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