Rolling, Rolling, Rolling….. Okay sitting too.

I have started this blog since Thanksgiving and it has changed every time I open it up. That is how fast things change. Speaking of Thanksgiving we had a great time with the grandkids and their parents and my bff from college Katie. We started the new run but things have sort of changed a bit. We aren’t quite sure where we are heading but as long as the wheels are rolling we don’t care. Hopefully things will clear up by the new year and then we can explain what we are doing.

What I do know is I LOVE OUR TRUCK. While we were sitting in Laredo last week. Connie, Steve, Craig and I added a lot of bling to our truck. Looking good is all I have to say. We have chrome on the doors, under the headlights, on the fairings and Beware of Dog sign on the door. All in chrome. Looking good. We aren’t going to post pictures until after the Xmas holiday. I do now have Santa on my grill though. That I will post a picture of. I sent it to my girlfriend Katie and this is what she sent back to me:

Given Santa a ride huh?!…Polar Express has been replaced with the Laredo Express? Detroit Dash? I can hear it now…
On Freightliner, on Goodyear, on diesel and gas stops…
on highways, on byways, with Prepass and rest stops…
from the border down south to Motown don’t stall…
dash away, dash away, dash away all!
And I hear them exclaim as they drove out of sight …
Merry Christmas to all …
Santa’s gotta a deer in head lights!

I made a couple modifications but I thought it was awesome. We are planning to run through the 18th of Dec and then we are heading home through the New Year. This is our first time off since we started driving that wasn’t 4-5 days. We are looking forward to it and spending time with 3 of our children.  There are definitely perks to being owner operators.

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3 Responses to Rolling, Rolling, Rolling….. Okay sitting too.

  1. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    Love you too!! Trying to post the picture of the truck so we can share our Christmas spirit. Having technical difficulties LOL

  2. Tom Nash says:

    Tis this season to sit and wait for loads!!!!

  3. Al Leonard says:

    I am DEFINITLY on the wrong career path. You’re having WAY too much fun. Love you both.
    the Snohohmish dad.

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