Two and Half Weeks Off!!!

Well, the O/O thing is pretty cool.  We have not gotten the miles we planned on but we are still making more than we did as company drivers.  Hopefully the miles pick up in the New Year as the plan is to be putting a goodly amount of cash away in savings.  It has been like pulling teeth to get loads lined up.  That being said, we have really enjoyed and made the best out of the down time between loads.  I love spending time with Anne.

So, our last load of the year was from Oregon Ohio, just East of Toledo to the Ford Truck Assembly Plant in Kansas City.  It was a load of pre-formed, pre-cut carpets.  Really fast load on Saturday about Noon and then we were off.  Live unload scheduled for Noon on Sunday so no real rush.  We pulled up to the Guard Shack at 8:30 AM with fingers crossed that we could talk them into dropping the load instead.  We do not need an empty trailer as we are going to be off for two and a half weeks.  I sent out my secret weapon……….Anne!

The poor guard never knew what hit him.  That girl worked the guy over pretty good.  By the time she was done, the only way he could say no was to be a complete jerk.  So…….10 minutes later we had dropped our trailer and Anne was waving at the guard as we bobtailed out of the plant.  LOL.  She still swears that no cleavage was involved.

We are now heading South to Springfield Missouri to watch football and then we are going to spend  the night with Connie and Steve, rent a car and drive home.  We will be back in Springfield on January 3rd.  Going to have some great times with three of the kids and really enjoy this Christmas.

God Bless everyone and have a wonderful Christmas.

It is a great day to be Craig

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  1. june in florida says:

    Have a very happy holiday.

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