We are driving through Kentucky and heading to Michigan. It is snowing…. AGAIN. The past week has been hellacious with snow and cold. Lets see what the last 4 days have held for us. Snow, freezing rain, black ice, wind, tornadoes, thunderstorms, rain and bitter cold. I am ready for some warm weather. What kills me is about a month ago down in Laredo, where it was 70+ degrees I suggested that I would like some colder weather. Now by colder weather I meant sweatshirt weather. NOT bundle every part of your body so it doesn’t freeze off. Well I got the latter.  It’s funny that we live in Colorado, which doesn’t seem as cold as these other places. It’s that dry cold LOL. IT IS TRUE!!! Give me Colorado cold any day.

Now today is Groundhog Day. My request is that Phil DOES NOT see his shadow. I don’t want 6 more weeks of winter. I need some warm weather!! Now who I feel bad for is Lil Bit and Max. They have no idea what is going on outside until I take them. The past few days the poor babies have had to go out on snow or ice. The days I can find grass is a good day for them. May have to go buy them so more clothes since I left most of their cold clothing at home. They have their sweaters but that is it. I forgot their booties too. Oh well. We shall see what we can find.

This past week we have been running a load that goes from Kentucky to Tennessee back to Kentucky. We have 2 stops along the way. Then the next day we run from Kentucky to Missouri where we have 4 stops and then back to Kentucky. The first few days were horrible. It’s been better but I have totally decided I like OTR (over the road). I like long runs with a pick up  and a drop and no stops in between. On top of the time consummation of all those stops and using up your clock. The paperwork is ridiculous. I have to sign my name, date and trailer number on every piece of paper. Some places about 40. Then I have to sign their copies too. Another 40. Then off to the next stop. Some have 10, 30 and one stop has 2. Love that one. I never though I’d get writers cramp being a truck driver. But it has happened. The part I especially don’t like about this particular route. You have no time to do anything. Trying to figure out when to take a shower, No way can you do any laundry, haven’t had a chance to eat out and basically so exhausted when you finish, off to bed. The part of truck driving that we love. Is the social part. Stopping and having dinner. Meeting new people and seeing this country. On this type of route you don’t have any time for those things. Barely have time to stop for fuel. I am looking forward to getting  back to our old cycle. Run hard, play hard and laugh. Craig is running out of hours so tomorrow we will hopefully be doing a 34 reset and watching football. Steve and Connie will be up in Michigan at the same time so hopefully we can meet up and have some laughs!!

Life is good.

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5 Responses to UNCLE!!!!

  1. Tom Nash says:

    Cabin fever effect in the winter time being stuck in a truck cto close of quarters .

  2. Al Leonard says:

    Hi Darlin’; I often envy the good things about your life, which is normilly something to envy. Of course, there always has to be a down-side. I’m sorry. Spring is coming – someday. Love you.
    Dad Leonard

  3. Anne Miller Leonard says:

    Craig says I am whining. I said NO I’M NOT!! As I stamp by feet. Actually I think it is more venting than whining.

  4. Craig says:

    Isn’t it funny that if bears were bees they’d build their nest at the bottom of trees and that being so if bees were bears, they wouldn’t have to climb up all these stairs….. She was getting rather tired, that’s why she sang a complaining song.

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