What a difference a day makes.

Yesterday when I woke up to take the dogs out. It was a whopping 9 degrees and bitterly cold. The day before it was colder than that. We got stuck up in Wayne MI for the weeekend. It snowed the entire time we were there. Not a lot of accumulation and it was very pretty to watch. I just didn’t want to go out in it. My puppies paws get cold and then the start hopping and attacking their pads. I think their little feet get ice up in there. Anyway back to my story.  We did get to meet up with Connie and Steve. It was Connie’s birthday and we got to go shopping and watch the superbowl. That is another blog that I will leave to Craig to tell. We get our load and head out Monday. We got to Wayne on Saturday.  So this morning I wake up in Illinois and get the puppies out. It feels wonderful outside. I am wearing a sweatshirt and I ask Craig wow how warm is it. He laughs and say 32. I busted out laughing. It has been so cold the past two weeks that 32 feels warm.
We are heading to Laredo where the temperature is in the 80’s. I’ll have to dig in the bottom of my clothes to get my summer clothes LOL. I can’t believe how cold this past couple weeks has been. I have no problem admitting I am a total wuss when it comes to being cold. I hate it and am quite vocal about it. (Grin) I am ready for spring!!!!!

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1 Response to What a difference a day makes.

  1. jon says:

    It’s a very damp cold all around the lakes and makes it seem colder than it is. One of the dreary parts of the country with the rain and damp and stuff.

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