Gurgle gurgle… it was a death by drowning.

Okay I am going to whine a little. Okay I’m going to whine a lot. The other day we were picking up in the middle of nowhere Illinois. It was a dark and stormy night. Okay it was raining really, really hard and we had been driving on a little two lane road!! Get to the shipper and woo hoo. They have a ladies room. I felt like a drowned rat to say the least. So what happens next I have heard about but this was a first for me. I had my cell phone in my back pocket of my jeans. YUP you know what is coming next. I hear a splash and scream NOOOOO. I was not in time. My phone is one piece and you can’t take the battery out. So needless to say I called the insurance company and they are sending me a new phone. The bad part is I am on day two of NO PHONE. Can I tell you how many times you look at your phone a day. I can’t play games, talk on the phone, text, listen to my audio book. It is really not a nice experience. I have another day or two without my trusty companion. But this really sucks. Okay I’m done whining….. for now.

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6 Responses to Gurgle gurgle… it was a death by drowning.

  1. Jon says:

    Dang I know the feeling. Good thing you have insurance. I’d have to buy a new phone.

  2. Al Leonard says:

    Well Darlin’, I’ve got to say that was a world-class job of whining. Truth be known, I can really appreciate the problem (which also becomes Craig’s). Can’t imagine a girl who can’t phone-jaw. So glad I wasn’t there. LOVE YOU!! Dad Leonard

  3. RC says:


    Yep…. dropped my phone…. and many other things… right into the toilet. STILL beating myself up over it.

  4. MArtha Stuart Jewettt,RN says:

    One good thing -we got to hear from you via email! And I learned to be ever more vigilant not to drown my cell phone! Best wishes!

  5. Tom Nash says:

    “been there done that.” It frustrating to loose all your contacts that why I use Carbonite to save all my phone data. and can retrieve it online.

    • Craig says:

      Android phone Tom. No need to back up. Log into your google account on the new phone and all contacts, emails, calls and texts are restored automatically. Pictures are on the sd card

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