I’m Ready For My Closeup Mr DeMille

So we requested time off  in Chattanooga.  We have been trying to get here for over a month and time after time something came up.  Having a great time with my Jason and Anna and our amazing grand kids, Jack and Blythe.  Four and two are just awesome ages and being a confirmed rock star is pretty nice.

So we got in Thursday late afternoon, parked the truck and Jason came and picked us up.  We had been having a pretty rough day communication wise and I am pretty sure Anne was very happy to get more than 10 feet away from me.  I, of course, was thoroughly  enjoying my wife’s company and had no need for a break.  Anna had a big pot of home made chili and cornbread waiting.  Lots of playtime with the kids and a perfect evening including a dance session by the Grand Kids.

Friday morning we had to head back out to the truck and meet a film crew.  Huh???  We had been contacted by a production company that was working on a new show for the Travel Channel.  They found us through this blog.  We spent about five hours filming and it was pretty fun.  Will let you know when we hear when the show will air.  My wife was her usual wonderful self and I just laughed and laughed all morning.  The part that sucked was it was very cold and windy and we were outside almost the whole time.

After we were done we ran the truck to the Peterbilt Dealer in Ringgold Georgia to see if they can figure out why our turbocharger keeps cutting in and out.  Very frustrating and when it is not working we have so little power.  Top speed on the flats is about 50 mph.  It is intermittent and was working again when we dropped it off so we will see.  Since it is not fixed yet, we are with the kids until at least Monday afternoon.

This is our first time off since Christmas so we are enjoying every minute.  We have had a pretty good couple of weeks.  Still not the miles we want but certainly the miles we need.  We had a full day layover last weekend in Saint Louis and our awesome friends Bandit and Sandi (who drive for Celedon) were there for home time.  So we got to hang out with them for pretty much the whole day.  Great to catch up.  We also got a chance to stop at my very favorite BBQ restaurant.  The Salt Lick in Driftwood Texas is simply amazing but there is no way we could park a truck there besides it is way out in the Hill Country South of Austin and on the way to nowhere.  I found out they built a duplicate restaurant in Round Rock Texas which is just North of Austin.  I looked it up on Google Maps and there is a large Minor League Ballpark next door with a massive parking lot.  As long as it is not a game day, we can park there easily.  Anne loved it and we will be back.

We are a bit tired of not getting to go to all the places the rest of our family is located like Los Angeles, Seattle, Wisconsin and Washington DC but the plan is to do this gig for a few more months and then move to a company where we can book our own loads and control where we go.

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4 Responses to I’m Ready For My Closeup Mr DeMille

  1. Ginnie and Mark Terry says:

    Sounds like a fun experience, any idea what the name of the show will be?

    • Craig says:

      Not sure but it will be something to do with truck spills. (don’t read anything into that) We will post about it when we find out when it will be on.

  2. Jade says:

    That’s awesome that TC found u guys!! How cool! I know y’all enjoyed ur time off! Stay safe!

  3. msconniemac says:

    Wow, they were on the road with you in the truck?!?

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