Oh my gosh where do I start…..

So, yes I realize you shouldn’t start a sentence with So but I don’t care. It’s my blog.  We quit Lets Go a week ago. We ended up bobtailing from Wayne MI to Chattanooga TN. after a very frustrating few weeks, okay really months but I am not going to be negative. Over all our experience with USX was really great. We made great friends. We learned a lot and we got to travel 48 states. Pretty cool if you ask me.

This past weekend we had orientation with our new company Farm2Fleet and let me tell you. It is a world of difference. We feel like part of a family. Orientation was a total breeze and feel like I’ve made some great friends that I expect to be friends with for a very long time. Met some of the other drivers and bookies (that was for you Ronda). A little nervous about the load boards but expect to be learning all the ins and out pretty darn quick. One of the cool things about this company is they have expedite loads and if you don’t like the ones they have or need to go somewhere else. You get on the boards and find your own. That is in Anne language.

Craig took a video of our truck that he will be posting later. We have been in Atlanta since yesterday. We came down to pick up our trailer. Another cool thing is we have the same trailer all the time. No more worries about flat tires, lights out or missing mud flaps. Then we had to wait for some final paperwork and all that fun stuff and today we are waiting for a load so we can hit the road. One of the perks of being in Atlanta is my bff from college lives here and is only 10 miles up the road. She picked us up last night for dinner and I had lunch with her today. Sweet!!

And now our new adventure begins. We expect some bumps in the road but are super excited working for this company and totally expect it to be a raging success!!! We will keep you posted!!

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1 Response to Oh my gosh where do I start…..

  1. Diane Hess says:

    Where did you guys find this company. It reminds me of our small family own and run company we drive for. At least my hubby does while Im getting my cdl. Then he will be my trainer. Congrats!

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