Our Peterbilt 387

After months of promising, here you go.  We finally got around to taking a video of the inside of our truck.  We love this truck.  We decided not to “clean for company” so you can see what it looks like when are actually live in here.  Sorry for the poor quality, I did the whole video once and much better but it turns out I forgot to push the record button.  I think a little of Anne’s blondness is rubbing off on me.

Any questions feel free to throw them at me.



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5 Responses to Our Peterbilt 387

  1. KatieK says:

    Very cool. Well organized!! 😉

  2. june in florida says:

    Great video,you mentioned dash cam,how is that used ? Is it on all the time like police cars?

    • Craig says:

      Yes, it is on all the time. It records to a memory card in five minute segments and we delete the files each shift change. A friend of ours had his truck get hit in a truck stop while he was in taking a shower and the guy did a hit and run. He had a dash cam so the whole thing was recorded. Called the drivers company, their insurance covered the damage and the driver was fired. That is one reason. We just see so much stupid stuff. Look for dash cam video to be included in the blog as crazy stuff happens.

  3. Connie McKenna says:

    Great video… Gives a real perspective of what its all about to live in a truck! Only thing you missed was Anne’s favorite thing… the “Beware of Dog” sign under the window that Max looks out of! 🙂

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