Snow snow go away…come again another day.

Here we sit in Gypsum Colorado in the emergency truck parking. I70 was closed for awhile and two sets of chain laws in effect. Now there is only one left but we don’t chain. So here we sit waiting for the storm to pass. We are going home and wouldn’t you know it. We head into the biggest storm to hit Denver this year. We are on the other side of Vail only 142 miles from our delivery. We figured we would have to sit in Denver since our delivery is at 4 am. Hoping that we can just sit here and still make it on time. Fort Collins has received something like 23 inches of snow. WOW!!! They even postponed a baseball game today.

I am sitting in the front seat, drinking my tea and contemplating taking the puppies out. I don’t know who is less enthusiastic about that. I think it might be them. But the wait is giving me time to play on the load boards.

Load boards are online and are the loads available to pick. If it fits your requirements. Type of trailer, weight, and most importantly money.  This is new to us since at our old company it was forced dispatch for the most part. Meaning they told you where you were going and you said ok. Much nicer choosing where you go but we are still in the learning process and it’s going to take a couple weeks to figure this all out. We have had some good loads and not so good. The not so good was because we were in Boise and it was hard to find a good load out. But we worked it out and now we sit in the snow LOL

Craig got pulled over today by a Utah State Trooper doing a random level 3 inspection which of course he passed. But what was cool was the Trooper talking to us about our life on the truck and how much fun we have out here. If my delivery wasn’t at 4am I would probably be super p*ssed about being stuck out here instead of home but hey you take the good with the bad. I know that tomorrow night I will be sleeping in my own bed and I get to give Shelby a big hug. Aleena is flying in Friday and CJ is already home needless to say. Another of the perks of this job. We get to choose a load heading home so we can spend time with the kids and go to CSU football on Saturday. Life is pretty darn sweet. Now please just lift the chain law and we will be super happy.

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1 Response to Snow snow go away…come again another day.

  1. Ginnie and Mark Terry says:

    That looks MISERABLE!! I hope you made it through that weather and on to more sunny skies!

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