Bad Weather Driving

A dashcam video from our little drive in the mountains today.  A little intense.  I did not edit this video.  action starts at about 1:10 and ends about 2:40

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2 Responses to Bad Weather Driving

  1. Gelfling says:

    I live in Denver and have driven that road many times in a car. I’ve seen lots of things happen up there. In the winter, it is one of the most treacherous stretches of Interstate in North America. I am thinking of taking a CDL class and getting into trucking, maybe this fall, and working out of Denver that is one of my greatest fears, because unless you drive south out of Denver, the only interstates are I-70 up to the Eisenhower and on to Vail Pass, or I-80 west through Wyoming or east through Nebraska, both of which can get nasty in the winter, and very slow moving. I-70 east through Kansas is often a windy, snowy icy ride in the winter too. Great video. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Connie McKenna says:

    Holy Canollies!! You did an awesome job keeping her (the truck) from disaster… All except Anne’s fingernails imbedded in the dash and the new brown stain on the drivers’ seat!!

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