Happy Graduation Tyler

One of the things I love the most about driving a truck. You don’t miss any family events. My son Tyler Johnston graduated from California State University of Northridge on Tuesday. It was an incredible experience I must say. I didn’t think I was going to get emotional since I was so happy. WRONG. As soon as the music started the tears started. Both Shelby and I were in tears. Happy tears I must say. We then went to lunch with my mother and her friend at a Korean restaurant. Yuck, not a very good one. Then we headed to our friends Lupe and Steve Mitchell to get ready for the party. Craig was busy making his ribs and what else was there for me to do but start celebrating. It was a great party. Tyler has 2 boys he has been friends with since kindergarten and one since 7th grade (Richie, Harrison and Ryan). They all were there to celebrate with us. I can blame Harrison for the pickleback shots. It was an awesome party, at least the parts I remember. Being we don’t drink a lot on the road who was I to think I could do shots. I can’t LOL. I was asleep by 10 o’clock.
We are currently in Chattanooga for Memorial Day. We can’t deliver our load till Tuesday in Atlanta so here we are. Such a hardship LOL. There are some changes in the wind for us. I will write more later in the week when we have more information but totally excited for a new chapter in our trucking life.







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1 Response to Happy Graduation Tyler

  1. Dad Leonard says:

    That had to be a GREAT TIME! (Shame you missed part of it by napping early) Thank you for the great pictures of a bunch of really happy people. You are blessed. Dad Leonard

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