Here We Go Again…..

Ahh, the joys of dancing to a different drummer.

Well, we are kinda homeless right now.  Not our actual home but our truck home.  Connie and Steve decided they wanted to move both trucks to a different company.  After much discussion Anne and I decided that where they were going was not where we wanted to be.  Luckily we were in Chattanooga for the holiday weekend since we could not deliver in Atlanta until today (Tuesday)  So we moved all of our stuff out of their truck and into our kids garage until we finalize a plan.  We actually have a number of options and once we decide what we are doing I will be glad to share them with you all.  A final decision will come in the next two days but we are very content with what is happening and think this is going to be a great step forward for us (well, option 3 is kind of treading water but it sets up a great step forward)  It has been a bit frustrating as we had calls from four different brokers today with great loads out of Atlanta.  Oh well, the loads will be there next week also.

Having everything in bins and baskets sure made the move out easy.

I want to say again just how freaking awesome the staff and drivers of Farm2Fleet have been to us.  Whatever happens, this is where our future lies as we really have found a home.

P.S.  Hanging with the Grandkids is AWESOME. I love being around people who think I am as amazing as I think I am.  Oh, Anne says I am amazing but between you and me, I suspect she is patronizing me a bit.

Jackson on the other hand………..

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8 Responses to Here We Go Again…..

  1. Katie K says:

    Your never homeless, mi casa es su casa really it’s in the will 😉 You are blessed to be on an exciting roadtrip with the love of your life… no everyone gets that opportunity so enjoy every minute. God will provide…and inbetween we your family will too. We love and believe in you both!!

    • Anne Miller Leonard says:

      Thank you Katie K. I love you! You are family and definitely one of the perks of this job. Stopping to visit!

  2. Lester Griggs says:

    My grandpa told me that you can’t fix crazy. The fact that you made it as long as you did, bouncing from carrier to carrier, says a lot about you. The ignorant believe the big sign-on bonuses are a good deal. But anyone with any knowledge in this industry knows that bad carriers and bad drivers come together under these deals.

    Run Forrest, Run. And never look back.

  3. Connie McKenna says:

    I know that change is stressful, but I also know that this too shall pass! In the long term scheme of things I know that even though you may now feel like you’ve been pushed out of your nurturing nest, that you will soon find the strength of your wings to fly! I hope that you will look back at this time that we spent together as a positive experience as I am sure that you’ve learned so much! When you first came to work for us, you made it clear that your goal was to buy your own truck by summer… God works in mysterious ways!

    Unfortunately, our move to Farm2Fleet was not the financial success that we had hoped it would be fo either of us 😦 We have been talking to you about the probability of a move for over a month, and even told you that I had given our two weeks notice in the event that there was not.significant change by the end of this month.

    We have been blessed to have not just employees but friends on this journey! We wish you were coming with us, but understand your decision and wish you the best always!

    Your friends,
    Connie and Steve

  4. Ogden Miller says:

    You seem to live a variable existence! Keep us informed. I am off (after 20 years of using a powered handmower) to look at sit-down mowers. I told Jacqueline it must be air-conditioned but I jest. All is well here except for the weather. Congratulations on Tyler!

    • Craig says:

      Wish we could have seen you before you left for France Ogden. Good luck with the new mower. One of the best days of my old life was when my ex-wife gave me a very serious look and said “you need to buy a tractor……..I mean a big tractor” I went out and bought a Case 580 backhoe. It was a good day.

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