Totally disappointed in Canadian fans.

This post doesn’t have anything to do with trucking but since our truck is in the shop in Seattle. We decided to go to a Mariners game. I have wanted to go to a Mariners game for years and sit in Kings Court. For those of you that don’t know what that is. Every game that Felix Hernandez pitches they have sections of the stadium where you get a yellow shirt and a big K for strike outs. When he has two strikes the whole sections stand up and chant K. And then he strikes them out. Well in a perfect world he does. Last night we finally got to go. Craig, Aleena, Shelby, Scott Kuna and I went last night to root our Mariners on. It was not a good night for the Mariners. Felix’s first pitch was a homerun. UGH. But hey thats the way sports goes. Especially baseball. You never know what is going to happen.
Anyway back to my story. The Toronto Blue Jays played well but their fans were atrocious. I have never seen so many rude people in my life. The weren’t gracious in the least and were flipping people off and chanting. This was from the very start of the game. I get supporting your team. But do it with some decorum. I would be embarrassed if my fans acted like that. It wasn’t just me that thought this. The Mariners staff said they have never seen anything like this. I was really disappointed and had so been looking forward to being in Kings Court. I guess a lot of the Blue Jays fans thought the same thing. They got seats in Kings Court section and tried to disrupt the fun. I wish it had been a different outcome on the score but hey 4 errors in a game you know it isn’t your night.
I can tell you this. I will never ever root for the Blue Jays.






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4 Responses to Totally disappointed in Canadian fans.

  1. Shana says:

    I came across your post/blog while googling Toronto Blue Jays fans. Actually, I happened to be at the same game that you were in King’s Court! Tuesday night, section 149 🙂 My boyfriend and I typically get cheap seats at a Mariners game each year. King’s Court has always looked like so much and with a bit of extra money this year we decided to splurge. Unfortunately, it was when the Blue Jays were in town. I thought maybe I was being too sensitive, but after reading your post and finding some other articles on Blue Jays fans, I can see that I’m not. I was appalled at the Blue Jays fans’ behavior and was ready to leave in the 4th inning, but stayed since we had shelled out $40/ticket. It was disgusting, wasn’t it? While walking back to our car in the parking garage, an oncoming car seemed to be swerving towards us and we tried to move over, thinking they must’ve been on their phone and not paying attention. The car got within a foot of me, and when it got closer I could see two guys in the car laughing, making direct eye contact with me, obviously aware of their driving. It had a BC license plate. Not a shocker there. I will go to another Mariners game but will never go when the Blue Jays are in town again. I’m considering writing to the Mariners Organization about this horrible experience. Probably suggesting they have extra security in their garage when the Jays are in town, too. 😦

    • Craig says:

      I have some very good Canadian friends so while I hate to generalize….let me generalize. Canadians, for the most part, do not like America. We are foolish to think that they care about us the way we care about them. I could not imagine going into another country and flipping off the opposing fans. I saw this happen from a number of Canadian fans at the game. Also they would march up and down the stairs after a good Blue Jay’s play facetiously chanting “USA, USA, USA” Pretty sickening.

      Really it all comes down to this….

      They don’t get out much

  2. Kiki says:

    Is that K for me? I expect you to bring it with you next time 🙂

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