Take a deep breath and smile.

This is definitely one of those times that you just need to breath! I won’t say it is not stressful but it is part of trucking. We have had some issues since getting the truck and most of them revolve around the DPF system. Now that that is fixed I am hoping we have smooth sailing from here on out. I would love to run a month without having a breakdown issue. That is my hope so we can get our coffers filled and have a little breathing room. Every time something happens it seems we just got half a step ahead and then it takes us back behind. But it is all a learning process and know we made the right decision. Please trucking God just keep us rolling and I will be forever in your debt. We really do love our truck and our life. This is one of those times you just have to go with the flow.  Take a deep breath and smile.

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2 Responses to Take a deep breath and smile.

  1. Dad Leonard says:

    Ain’t life a ball? One darned joke after another. If I were you I wouldn’t be relying on whoever you’re talking to that you think is a “trucking God” Love you, Dad

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