Out of the rain in Denver

Well, THAT was fun.  We just spent about 36 hours in Denver in the middle of that nasty storm.  The receiver would not accept our load early so we had to sit for about 20 hours at the TA truck stop in Commerce City.  Their power had gone down but was back up and they had lost internet so anything you wanted you could buy….if you had cash.  Oh, the atm’s were down too (no internet)  We just sat and read and watched the rain.  I had a load booked out but that place got flooded out so I had to find another.  We need to be in Chattanooga on Saturday to move into the new place so our load options were very limited.  It had to be a load delivering South or East of Chattanooga on Monday so we could stop and spend the weekend on the move.  I found a load delivering to two drops in Georgia so I grabbed it.  Does not pay great but better than running empty and us paying for all the fuel. Had to wind through the back roads of Colorado since I-25, the main North/South freeway was closed due to flooding.  Headed across Nebraska and we passed this.

Too cool, I would really love a Tesla.  Very cool load but still not as cool as live tigers, a lion and wolves. 🙂

Anyway, so nice to see sunshine again and looking forward to the new place in Chattanooga.`

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