Groundhog Day

Still not totally sure what we are going to do with the truck.  A lot of the “help” we were getting from the dealer has not materialized and we are debating saving $10,000 and putting in a used engine.  We rented a truck for the last couple of weeks so we could survive and it worked out fine but wow, did we miss our Volvo.  We got a Mack Pinnacle and although it ran great it was so small compared to our truck and had no inverter so no food or cooking in the truck (or coffee).  It also was a manual 10 speed and it took us a day or so to get back into shifting.  I like the automatic better I can tell you.  We got home on Friday.  I did anyway, Anne got home on Wednesday morning when I dropped her off on my way to South Carolina.  The last two weeks were pretty cool.  We got the rental on a Wednesday and were able to do a bunch of somewhat local expedited runs that paid well with very few miles.  We then grabbed a load to Tacoma Washington so we could be in Seattle for my Nephew’s wedding last weekend.  We had a blast with family and it really took our minds off all the crap we have been dealing with.  Then we got a load back that had three drops with the first near Knoxville and then South towards Atlanta and South Carolina so as we drove past Chattanooga we had Shelby meet us and grab Anne and Lil Bit.  So I was solo for two days.

I know how crazy this sounds but even though we are together ALL the time, I really miss Anne when we are apart.  The tiny bed in the Mack made the separation a little easier this time, however.  We spent the weekend home and helped out with orientation for a new group of drivers coming to Farm2Fleet.  Two new teams joining us on the road and we are pretty excited that one of the teams are friends of ours.  They started following this blog over two years ago and joined US Xpress.  We met them by chance a couple of years ago in Dallas and have always really liked them, just awesome people.  So nice to see them again this weekend and glad to have them in the F2F family.

I need to make some decisions today regarding the truck and get the actual repair process  moving forward.  We need to get back to work.

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