Wish I had some amazing news.

But I don’t. We are still in the process of getting the truck fixed. We went out in a rental for a couple weeks but had to return the truck. (found out the $3500 they were giving us was going towards the rental instead of the repair). Worldwide Equipment and Cummins have decided not to help us with the repairs. I really did think they were going to come through for us and it is a little bit of a shock that they aren’t. We have been told to go after them but honestly not sure it would do any good. The fuel pump sprung a leak and pumped diesel into the engine block, mixing with the oil. We have been told this is about the worst thing that can happen to the engine and it cannot be rebuilt. We actually need a new engine. Turns out we have a very big paper weight at the moment. We had an oil sample done in Sept which they say was clean. I don’t know how it could have been clean since I believe this has been happening since we got the truck. But it’s our word against theirs and they say this damage could have occurred in a month. Not sure I agree but then again I’m not a mechanic. Shocking that we owned the truck 110 days and had been broken down 30 of those. Then all the money we put into the truck and then finding out we need a new engine. Pretty heartbreaking but then thats trucking. If we had been running regularly and then this happened we would be okay but unfortunately we have never been able to run consistently. It’s going to cost $20,000 to have a used engine put in and $27,000 for a new engine. Just makes you sick thinking about that kind of money. Not sure what we are going to do yet but still working on the financing. We do have a loan we can get but truthfully its a blood sucking loan and I might get off cheaper by giving them my first and second born.
I keep trying to be positive. It’s amazing how many negative thoughts you can have in a day. Craig and I are always looking for the good and I know in the end it will all work out. It always does. I think of all the cliches, What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. What will be will be. What goes around comes around (hope that one doesn’t) but in the end its all about faith and believing in yourself. This first experience into owner/op has been interesting to say the least. But we have an incredible support team around us and Farm2Fleet is amazing. I hope our experience doesn’t turn you off of becoming an owner/op if that is what you want. I do hope that it helps in making informed decisions when you do make the plunge. We chose a bad truck. We thought we had done our due diligence but sometimes things just happen that are out of your control. How you handle them is what is important. I honestly know in my heart that things will work out for us and we will be back up and running. I don’t know what the lesson this is suppose to teach us but I know there is one. Or maybe it is to help someone else. LOL. Whatever it is I’ll be glad when we are back in our truck, running miles and posting all the fun things we usually get to do!!

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6 Responses to Wish I had some amazing news.

  1. Will Rankin says:

    If you want to stay in as O/O’s it may be better to buy a second truck to pay off the first truck. Have you checked out Lone Mountain Truck leasing? I don’t know the details but it looks like you can get into a truck fairly cheap with them.

  2. Rick Blumenshine says:

    Would the lemon Law apply here?

  3. t says:

    Get a hold of “Trick My Truck” show on GAC
    and see if they can help you.

  4. Dad Leonard says:

    That, Darling, was a super blog. I think about you constantly and I guess I need to get my prayer machine in high gear. You are right, this will have a happy ending. (Maybe just a year delay until you can buy your floating home in Seattle). I can hardly wait but hurry! I ain’t getting any younger.
    Love you always, Dad Leonard

  5. James says:

    Bearing damage from oil dilution can happen in a matter of days depending on how hard you are using the truck. Large trucks tend to take longer because of the larger amount of oil available to disperse the fuel into. The oil sample a month prior could very well have been clean.
    Stay strong guys. You know that anything worth having is not going to come easy.

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