Veteran and his daughter in need of some help.

This should never happen to a Veteran on Veterans Day, or anyday for that matter.

He is a Navy Vet who works at the VA helping returning Vets and was moving across country from one VA hospital to another and had everything he owned in life in a U-Haul truck stolen from him in a ‘secure and guarded’ parking lot of the Airport Sheraton Hotel in San Antonio Texas. And amazingly enough the Sheraton’s – “armed guard saw nothing at all”


Do me a couple of big favors – hit this link and tell the people at Sheraton that they need to make this right – that Veterans deserve more than to get ripped off on their property – under the watchful eyes of ‘their guards’ or you’ll never stay in their hotels again. And while you are at it toss an email to the Mayor of San Antonio and tell him to get his PD to find this Vets property or you’ll never visit his city.

This is an outrage that cannot stand.

Oh and share this with your friends and let’s show how much we care for those who fight for us and care for their fellow Vets that do.


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2 Responses to Veteran and his daughter in need of some help.

  1. Juan Mal says:

    Wow….how about holding who is really responsible for victimizing this vetran…..the freaking criminal.

    Really…not staying in a city because someone got ripped off… silly is that?

    • Craig says:

      lol, Wow, how about a reasoned discourse? The point was to put pressure on people and organizations who have the ability to make a positive impact. I certainly hope they capture and fully punish the thieves who are ultimately responsible and nobody is implying they are not responsible. Hence the pressure on the city police to make it a priority. Let us also remember that there was some emotional attachment to Anne’s post as this is personal.

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