Not a Great Re-start

LOL, wow what a sucky day.  There was a reason we wanted to run a short run to get started.  Had a great round trip 350 miles each way that was paying GREAT Wednesday.  Got in the truck at 4 am to get it set up again.  after about a half hour it started idling a bit rough.  At 4:45 I pulled out and immediately got a fault code and could barely keep it running.  We were only about 1/2 mile down the road from the dealer so we limped down and waited until 06:30 when they opened.  They pulled the truck in and opened the hood..Problem was pretty obvious. A bunch of black ooze clogging the fuel filter.  Sitting for two months was a bit too much.  Replaced the filter and bought a second.  Got a couple of jugs and filled one with diesel (you have to prime the filter with fuel when you change it).  I was now set to swap the filters myself.  I am going to go through a few filters until we get all the crap out of the tanks.  Now 3 hours late.  We had released the load so we called the broker and asked if still available.  Yep, head on up.  We get there and they load us very quickly.  I asked if they were going to be open for our return load (this is the day before Thanksgiving) and they drop the bomb, we are not getting the return load.  Love how they waited until I was loaded.  So now we are going to Greenville SC with no load back for the holiday.  I call the broker and call into the office.  Worst case is we have to drive home empty 250 miles.  Not going to make any money but home for Thanksgiving.

So, since we are going to be empty we decide that Anne can go home when we go back through Chattanooga to get ready for the holiday  I changed the fuel filter and drop Anne off and I hit rush hour traffic in Atlanta.  I get a call from Farm2Fleet and they found me a load back to Chattanooga that will deliver on Friday morning.  Perfect, we are making money today again…………

Not so fast,

Just as I get to I-85 I am crawling along at about 5 mph and all of a sudden big clouds of steam from under the hood.  I pull over and the upper radiator hose is split.  I cannot catch a break!  I start calling around for road service, finally settled on Goodyear and they said they would be to me within 90 minutes.  My delivery has to be made by 11 PM and my pickup to head home is 100 miles further that closes at 10 but they said they will wait until 11.   So if I can gt fixed within 2 hours I can make this all work.  3 hours later I am still trying to find out where they are.  My load home is now dead as there is no way I can get there in time.  4 1/2 of the coldest hours I have ever spent and the guy finally shows up.  It is 18 degrees in Atlanta and I only have a light jacket.  By the time I am fixed $422 later it is too late to make this delivery also.  Call the broker again and they give me a delivery appointment of 11:35 PM on Saturday.  Totally sucks.  Turn around and head home.  A day where I thought we were going to clear $1,600 ended up costing me about $1,000.  Pretty brutal.  Well, we wanted a shake down cruise so I guess we got one.

Thanksgiving was amazing with lots of family and friends.  Going to make that delivery Saturday night and then after a fun weekend we are heading out on a 4500 mile trip on Monday.  Very ready to get the wheels turning.

Even I had a hard time finding the positive over these last two months.  Just hope all the drama is behind us.  We need some worry free loads to climb out of this hole we dug.  Constantly amazed by the loving Farm2Fleet family, cannot tell you how much it means to know you are in the right place with the right people.

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1 Response to Not a Great Re-start

  1. Tom Olson says:

    Craig, I’m so sorry you and Ann are having these experiences.
    I sold my last truck in 2005…I realized that I didn’t own the truck, the truck owned me. 🙂


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